We try to build each of our Eureka Springs Cabins the way they would have been originally built in their respective eras.

Whenever possible we try to use as many recycled building materials as we possibly can so as to help preserve our natural resources for future generations to enjoy our woodlands as we have.

In the case of our Pine Log Cabin we used 100 year old logs from an Ozark Mountain Cabin that was moved from the White River to Seligman, Missouri before the dam was constructed there. It was then moved to our property where we lovingly restored it to it's present condition.

Restoration Details

In the restoration of our Pine Log Cabin we...

  • Did the old fashioned way of chinking with concrete and lime
  • Used boards from a historic site in Little Rock
  • Used standing dead timber Oak from our land for ceilings & trusses
  • Used Colorado River rock for the fireplace exterior
  • Used Arkansas stack rock for the fireplace interior
  • Used 150 year old slate for the bathroom floor
  • Used Walnut from the land for the countertops
  • Used the cabin's original windows



Pine Log Cabin exterior

Pine Log Cabin exterior